Children Copy Everything They See Us Doing

Children Copy Everything They See Us Doing

Some people tell me their partners are looking for evidence that respectful, authoritative parenting is better for kids, that it ‘works’.

This is evidence enough. Kindness and firmness goes a long way. When we unlearn authoritarian ways that WE were parented and show our children respect, they’re more likely to treat others and their own children in the same way.

If someone argues “well I was shouted at/ smacked / put in my place when I was a kid and I’m fine!” but they’re STILL wanting to do that to their children, then that’s case and point that they copied their parents. They can copy you to be respectful if you choose to be that way. It’s hard work but it’s worth it.

It’s about being gentle to yourself too! We all snap. We all lose it. No parent is perfect all the time. But every time we manage to be firm but kind, we’re making a positive difference.

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