A Difficult Parenting Pill to Swallow

A Difficult Parenting Pill to Swallow

If you wouldn't be happy with a teacher or stranger talking to your child the way you talk to them, then it's time to switch things up.

We all come into parenting with our own issues. Our own trauma. Our own needs. We need to be gentle with ourselves and know that we are doing our absolute best. We must have self compassion and understand that we have a lot to unlearn on the journey to being respectful. But we’re not broken and we’re not breaking our kids. One day at a time, let’s change things for the next generation by parenting with respect.

It’s never smooth sailing. We DO need help and it’s so important that we ask for it when we need it. It starts with us - we need to regulate ourselves before we can go regulate with our little ones. Reach out to your GP or well-child provider if you feel like you need more support.

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