3 Ways to Support Your Toddler to Play with their Younger Sibling

3 Ways to Support Your Toddler to Play with their Younger Sibling
We so desperately want to see our kids play together, but it’s so important we don’t push it.
  • Our toddlers are going through a HUGE transition.
  • They’re no longer the centre of our world
  • They don’t have all of our attention
  • We don’t play the same
  • We’re tired
  • There’s an annoying, loud baby around
  • That baby is touching their toys

Often we suddenly have expectations that our toddlers should be older, wiser and behaving angelically, but that’s not the case. They’re still babies. Their brains are still underdeveloped and they’re already coping with A LOT just getting through each day. The suggestion that they should now share all their toys and be kind about it is a step too far.

In the beginning they’re going to need your support and closeness in order for play with a sibling to be successful.

👍 Set up an activity that they’re not too attached to and give each child some of the ‘parts’.
👍 Have your toddler be the teacher. “Show Etta how these go together, she doesn’t know what to do. You’re the expert”.
👍 Stop the baby from wrecking everything. Stay close so you can stop them from grabbing the toddler’s pieces or knocking the creation over. “I can’t let you touch those, Etta. They’re Augusts and he’s the teacher”. Speaking loudly to your baby so that the toddler can hear you’re backing them and on their side can be super helpful.
👍 Keep the first few times SUPER short and sweet. End it before there’s any whiff of drama. Praise your toddler. “Wow you did such a good job of teaching your sister how to do that. What a kind and helpful brother you are.”

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