Water Play

Water Play

Language Tips for water play:
⋒ Talk about what the water and narrate what your baby is doing. E.g. ''You're doing big splashes!'' ''Pour the water'', ''it's all wet''
⋒ Practice counting - ''one, two, three, SPLASH!'' .

There's SO MUCH language learning that can happen at the pool!
⋒ narrate the process of getting dressed and undressed - also a great distraction. ''First we take off your nappy and put your special swim nappy on! Now it's time for your togs (swimsuit) - everyone has to wear their togs in the water!''.
⋒ Talk about the feel of the water, the actions you do in the water and point out what other children are doing. ''Wow - that little boy went SPLASH!''.
⋒ colours colours everywhere! You can talk about all the different coloured togs you can see! Also a great opportunity to start instilling some body confidence - ''you look great in your togs!''. All bodies are bikini bodies!!


Try adding a roasting tray to the play mat.

Why? Well it's a great way to do some water play when it's too cold to be outside in a pool! Also great for tummy time - this gives August a whole new perspective and he's in control of whether he's in the water or not. On reflection he definitely shouldn't have been wearing sleeves! But he loved splashing about in this. Next time I'm going to put ball-pit balls in!

When not filled with water, I leave this taped to the mat and rotate different toys into it. It makes a great clunking noise when something's bashed against it, also August is really enjoying taking toys OUT of anything.

Water Play with Oven Tray


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