Water Beads Sensory Play

Water Beads Sensory Play

Sensory play is such a great wind-down before bedtime.

I cracked these out at 6.30pm for my toddler and we enjoyed them for a solid 45 minutes before the bedtime routine.
The important bit with any kind of play is that we follow our little one’s lead. YES we know how we’d play with toys, and we often know how they’re intended to be played with. But the magic is in what our little ones dream up to do.
Stop and observe your child before you join in. That way you can model language for them about what they’re actually interest in doing.

Water beads are sold all over the place. There’s branded ones too called orbeez. They’re for kids who no longer put everything in their mouth, but make sure you’re close by anyway. You don’t want to miss out on playing with them!!

Watch the full reel here

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