Valentines Sticky Wall

Valentines Sticky Wall

We're getting into the spirit of love this morning. I had pondered whether or not to do this activity as I thought August might be too young for it. I need to take my own advice and remember to NEVER underestimate your baby!

How to:
💚 get some sticky sided plastic or clear book covering - it's everywhere in the back to school aisles at the moment. Big strips of cellotape would also do.
💚 cut a square. Draw a heart on the none sticky side.
💚 stick to wall sticky side out with masking tape.
💚 get some coloured paper and cut into little squares. We're using paint swatches but they're not ideal as they're only coloured on one side.
💚 optional - when you're finished you can cut out the heart if it's all covered in colour and use it as a dinner mat or piece of art!

This was so great for talking about colours, textures 'smooth' and 'sticky', learning a direction 'stick it to the wall', fine motors skills when picking up the paper, gross motor skills including promoting standing and balancing practice, also strengthening the ability to squat and stand again which is HARD!! all in all - a success!!

Click here to watch how it went

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