Sensory Play: Backyard Beach

Sensory Play: Backyard Beach

We FaceTimed August’s grandparents and they were lying on the beach on Waiheke island. Through my jealousy that they are on holiday and I’m not, I had an idea! We made our own beach!

🏖 I laid out the sand to look like the beach
🏖 I filled the rest of the play tray with water
🏖 I added some land and sea plastic animals and boats. Things you'd see at the beach!

I always always join in and model some imaginative play. I pretended the dog was dipping his toes in the water and the shark was coming close to eat him. I acted out the boats sinking and needing to help them. I did some silly play where the wet animals fell in the sand and got messy faces! Auggie then had to wash them.

Even if your little one isn't in to imaginative play, most kids love to explore sand and splash in water. On a hot day, this activity is sure to keep your little one occupied for a while.

Watch the fun here

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