Rice Rummage

Rice Rummage

An EASY messy play experience. I put some rice into an oven tray, added some everyday items like cups and spoons and let August go to town. I taped the tray down so that the activity didn't become all about dumping everything out! A shallower tray would be great access for babies still on their tummies.

rice activity tray

I sat back and watched what August did with this. Interestingly he wanted to crawl back and forth THROUGH it to begin with. Perhaps he liked the rice on his feet? Then he got more into to manipulating and spreading the rice around, shaking in the cup, digging it with a spoon, pushing it with a peg and swiping it with his hands. It kept him engaged for a long time, which is a winner in my book. Best thing - takes ten seconds to hoover up and everything is clean again 🤷🏼‍♀️. He did try to taste a bit and quickly decided it wasn't delicious..

You can set this play up IN MINUTES. No excuse not to give it a try.

Watch what August did here

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