Quick Play Idea for a Hot Day

Quick Play Idea for a Hot Day

Some super quick and easy play for you today. It’s great to explore ice on a hot day but honestly - this was a few weeks ago when it was freezing and the kids still loved it. They don’t care about the weather they just want to learn!

Chuck ice cubes in your play tray, an oven tray or even just some bowls from the kitchen. Then add other kitchen equipment like measuring spoons and tongs and containers. And voila – your kids are occupied!

If you have time to plan your play the day before, you could freeze flowers or their plastic toys in water. They then can make discoveries as it melts.


Join in! Talk about how the ice feels in your hand. How it melts. How it moves. How it tastes :)

Tag us if you try it!

Watch the full reel here

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