Play Idea: 2 Ingredient Cloud Dough

Play Idea: 2 Ingredient Cloud Dough

Messy is best!

You can make cloud dough out of stuff you probably already have in your house, it smells delicious and it keeps for ages.

Throw some cornflour in a bowl and slowly add hair conditioner as you mix. Keep adding until you get to a dough consistency. You could add some food colouring to batches if you wanted. And THAT'S IT. It's that easy.

Keep it in an air tight container or wrapped in cling film when you're not using it - it'll last you for weeks of play. Just add a little more hair conditioner if it starts to dry out.

As always, messy is best. When your child is getting messy they're exploring their senses, they're being creative, they're problem solving, they're practising fine and gross motor skills, they're LEARNING. We need to encourage this kind of play, not avoid it because of the clean-up! Lean into the mess, your child will thank you later.

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