Minimal Effort Messy Play

Minimal Effort Messy Play

When toys get boring - you have to get creative. Instagram is full of glossy images of the perfect play set ups for kids but in reality - they don't need much. I found two storage tubs under my bed and made the most of what I had lying around to get us outside and messy on a very sunny day.

💦 two storage tubs.
💦 food colouring
💦 water
💦 empty washing up liquid bottle
💦 cornflour
💦 metal parts - some measuring spoons and pots and pans
💦 duplo

Box 1 - water, food colouring and cornflour made slime.
Box 2 - red food colouring in the bottle added to yellow I the box made a colour changing experience, alongside some duplo which floats!

🌈 Colour changing chat "ooh look - when you put the red in it all went orange! Yellow and red make orange!".
🍵 Texture chat."Oooh it's so slimy - it's sliding off my fingers! I'm mixing mine together to make soup!"

You have to get messy too. You heard me. Sit down and get messy alongside your child. Put on old clothes if that makes you feel more comfortable! This is especially important if your child is hesitant about messy play - you have to model that it's totally ok! We ended up having a water fight with the squirty bottle and it was so much fun! All those laughs wouldn't have happened if I was uptight about water on my dress 🤷🏼‍♀️

Watch the play here

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