Glitter Tornado Sensory Bottle

Glitter Tornado Sensory Bottle

I could play with this all day. I probably would if I didn't have to parent. This is the lava lamp I never had as a kid in the 90s.

The reason this thing moves so beautifully is that it's not just water - this glitter is in a glue suspension which makes everything drift slower and stay active longer. This means that baby gets more out out the effort they've put into the shaking or pushing this bottle - the effect lasts longer. 'HOW?' I hear you roar. .

You'll need
⋒ good quality clear glue
⋒ boiling water
⋒ a bowl for mixing

⋒ a funnel or a steady hand!
⋒ washing up liquid

⋒ glitter and sparkly content of your choice. I put little blue plastic beads in. 

How to:
⋒ More glue, the slower the movement. I recommend at least 1 part glue to 3 parts water but half and half is ideal. Once you've decided how much water you're going to use (could measure in your bottle) - boil that amount of water.
⋒ in a bowl, slowly add the boiling water to your glue, stirring the mixture constantly so that the two blend together into a thick goop.
⋒ Pour the goop mixture into your bottle.
⋒ Add your sparkly bits.
⋒ top up the bottle with boiling water so that there is very little room before the lid goes on.
⋒ when the bottle seems full - add a couple of drops of washing up liquid - this magically stops the glitter from getting stuck at the top.
⋒ close the lid tightly - glue it shut ideally, and give your creation a good shake.

Warning - this toy can really take your attention and you can get lost in its magical swooshy glitter and get no housework done if you're not careful.

Watch the video here

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