DIY Wrapping Paper

DIY Wrapping Paper

Most of you have heard me rant on about how important messy play is. Sometimes you just have to let them go wild with paint in the garden, and Christmas is a great excuse!
Making your own wrapping paper is fun and it's a lovely personalised touch for gifts for the family.


I bought a big roll of packing paper. Ours was from the @thewarehousenz. We use non-toxic FAS paint and some kids paint brushes and stamps - also from the warehouse. I taped strips of the paper down onto our play tray and some on the deck. It all washes off with water so there's no real risk of damaging anything. I let Auggie go wild!

fun with paint

We were left with a few lengths of unique wrapping paper to wrap our gifts. Auggie had loads of fun and it always feels good as a parent to know that you've provided them with such a fun learning opportunity. Children learn SO MUCH through messy play. At the end - I picked him up and put him in the shower. We were both covered in paint- don't be afraid to get messy yourself too!! Find your inner child!

Watch how it went here

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