Christmas Tree Decorating

Christmas Tree Decorating

Yay or nay?!

EACH TO THEIR OWN but I'm pretty passionate about Christmas being allllll about the kids.

There's no part of the Christmas decorations that they're not allowed to touch and there are no rules about how a tree must look.

YES they're supported to be gentle with delicate ornaments and those are placed higher up to avoid disaster. YES they're supported to respect the decorations and not trash anything.

But I just LOVE seeing their creativity as they decorate the tree how they see fit.

I LOVE seeing them practice hanging things and exploring different textures like tinsel and glitter.

I LOVE seeing their pride as we add their little arty creations to the tree.

I LOVE that they can see things I made as a child and that they know some decorations belong to them.

I LOVE that there's no particular way that Christmas should look - it's all about FEELING festive, connected and joyous.

Do you let your little ones explore the Christmas tree?? Let me know in the comments and your reasons why.

NOTE: this audio isn't mine and it's a bit of a laugh - it absolutely looks like Christmas threw up in our family home 🫣😂 you do you.

Watch the full reel here 

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