Buried Treasure: Buttons and Sand

Buried Treasure: Buttons and Sand

This activity was so quick to set up and it kept August entertained for ages. I reset it 3 times and he still loved it.

We did a treasure hunt. I hid our @navybaby buttons in a tray of sand and just left it out for Auggie to explore. The first time round he had no idea there were buttons in there and he looked so amazed. I put his jar out too because he's so used to posting them in there - and he was drawn to post them when he found them. 

Finding treasures in the sand

There was a lot of language used today that we probably haven't used before. "Treasure, hidden, buried, discovered" among others. I watched and made comments about what he was doing. Easy peasy. 

If you don't have sand in lockdown, some soil would be perfect. Or little stones. Or birdseed. Have a think about what treasures you have to hide!! 

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