🍊Orange Discovery Basket 🍊

🍊Orange Discovery Basket 🍊

Introducing your baby to colours doesn't have to be boring - there's more than just singing the rainbow song and you certainly don't need flash cards!

I've started with 'orange' this morning by filling a basket full of orange things from around the house. Was a good adult-challenge finding stuff!.

We have:
🍊a toy orange segment
🍊a block
🍊a pipe cleaner
🍊a peg
🍊some of those pram connecter loop things
🍊a rainbow arch
🍊a play silk
🍊 a stacker circle
🍊an orange sloshy bottle
🍊a toy carrot and
🍊a real carrot!

Babies learn about their world primarily through the thounsands of sensory receptors on their tongues - which is why they put everything in their mouthes! Encouraging this, instead of stopping it, is important! Baby can learn so much more about the colour orange if they're able to roll it, lick it, bang it, chew it and throw it than if they were simply shown something orange in a book.

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