Worried your little one isn't talking much yet?

Worried your little one isn't talking much yet?

Here's how you can help.

It starts with shifting your perspective: verbal words aren't the only goal.

There are many steps that come before words and your little one might be at the beginning of the steps or nearly at the top. You can meet them where they're at and help them to the next step when you know how!

Communication is all about connection. Your little one is going to be more empowered to imitate you and take a turn and participate in communication when you two are connected and playing and having fun.

Sometimes we as parents forget this and focus too much on modelling vocabulary and trying to teach things.
If you REFRAME your thinking and instead join in with your child, have fun and connect - you'll likely find that they're more interested in imitating you and their communication will start to flourish.

Save this imitation hierarchy to refer back to later so you know how to help your child to the next step. When you join in and apply these strategies every day, you'll help them to move closer and closer to using words.

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