Why you should teach 'more'

Why you should teach 'more'

When your little one can sign or say "more", the world is their oyster. They'll be able to request more of anything: think food, toys, stories or cuddles, and you'll be able to understand their needs straight away. It'll strengthen your bond with them as you'll be able to communicate with each other effectively.

🖐 Learn the sign and remember it! Start with your hand in a loose claw shape on your chest then pull it forward. My 'guide to sign at mealtimes' poster will help!
🖐 Choose something that's really motivational for your child. Do they love cheese? Swinging? Blocks? You want them to love it so much that they're tempted to imitate you to keep more coming!!
🖐 Give a little of the motivational thing and then withhold the rest. E.g. One piece of cheese or a couple of swings on the swing then stop. When they look at you expectantly, sign and say "more" before giving them more of the motivational thing.
🖐 After you've done this a few times, sign and say "more" but wait expectantly for them to do something. This is called a communication temptation - you're tempting them to do what you've taught them to get more of the thing they want.
🖐 If they try to say or sign "more", react positively and hand over more. If they don't, you say/sign it for them and give them more anyway. Keep teaching.
🖐 Sign "more" every time you say "more" and model it frequently throughout the day when you talk to your baby. E.g. "I'm still hungry! I might get some MORE cereal!".

We taught August to sign "more" when he was 7 months old. Remember - children can sign WAY SOONER than they can talk so don't underestimate your baby. He imitated the sign at 7 months, started using it on his own at 9 months and started saying the word at 12 months.

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