When to Sign 'Finished' to your Baby

When to Sign 'Finished' to your Baby

Imagine knowing what you want but being unable to tell anyone? It would be so frustrating. That’s what it feels like for our little ones before they can communicate with us effectively. More often than not, their receptive language (what they understand) develops much quicker than their expressive language (what they can say) so they know their needs but don’t know how to get them across to us. No wonder babies cry so much!

Sign can bridge the gap between not having any verbal language and it developing. It does NOT slow down verbal language development, so it’s time to educate that Uncle who said “if he learns to sign he won’t want to speak”.

Finished (or ‘all done’) is such a powerful sign. When children learn this sign and where they can use it in their daily routine they can tell us when they’re done with food, when they don’t want to be on the swing anymore, when they don’t want any more milk etc etc. if they can sign it, they’re less likely to fry until you figure out what they want. You’ll have a shared way of communicating and understanding one another.

If you’re curious about sign and looking to get started - get my free guide by subscribing on my website. Zaziplays.com has sign posters to support your learning, and my highlights are full of video examples too!

When do you sign “finished” with your baby?

Watch as I model this with Etta here

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