What NOT to do if your child starts stuttering

What NOT to do if your child starts stuttering

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It's not uncommon for some kids to go through periods of dysfluency (less fluent speech) as they develop.

Stuttering (also known as stammering) can sound like words being repeated, sounds being repeated, sounds being dragged out long or a child struggling to push any sound out at all. It can be super stressful for little ones and how adults respond make the BIGGEST difference in a child's ongoing communication success.

To learn the best way to respond - we've out together a whole podcast ep and free resource for you.

Listen to episode #4 of the @youvegotthispodcast wherever you get your podcasts for everything you need to know. The free resource can be downloaded at patreon.com/youvegotthis - it's free to become a member!

You've got this!

Watch the full reel here

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