Supporting Behaviour: What to say

Supporting Behaviour: What to say

Kids learn more though positive experiences. Praise is important - the more you can praise your child for doing the right thing, the more likely they are to do that thing again and behave as you'd like them to. The more negative and correcting you have to be, the more likely that 'bad' behaviours will continue.

Reflect on your day. Can you remember saying a lot of "i like how you did that!","You're walking so nicely beside me", "good job for not touching the hot fire", "You're sitting so quietly"or....was there a lot of "no!", "stop that", "you know not to touch that", "I won't tell you again".
If it's the latter - it's time to switch things up.

We're all born to explore. As humans we need to see what the world can do and we need a break from the norm. If we all followed the same routine every day and didn't explore possibilities, nothing new would be discovered and we wouldn't learn anything new. Kids WANT to behave and do their best but they can't always remember your rules because the urge to explore is just too strong, and it's important they follow their interests and learn.

Children are more likely to obey a rule if you remind them of it before they need it. This will provide an opportunity for you to give praise and then you'll both feel good! The most important rules to enforce are those that are to do with safety. E.g. "I'm going to get you out of the car. We're in a busy car park so remember to keep one hand on the car". *child follows rule* "you kept yourself safe by keeping a hand on the car! Well done!".

If you DON'T remind your child and, following this example, they run off, you're more likely to be stressed and shout / say negative things. We know that these interactions don't support good behaviour anywhere near as much as praise does.

Keep your voice calm and positive. Don't remind them of a rule in a threatening tone, say it kindly as if you're describing the weather.

Ready to make a change? Try this and let me know how it goes.

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