Pre-verbal Skills

Pre-verbal Skills

First words start here⬇️

Your baby is probably already intentially communicating with you - don't miss it!!

Learning to talk starts with PRE-VERBAL SKILLS, they're the foundations of communication. So if you're keen to hear first words, you first need to help support these Pre-verbal foundations.

What you can expect to see by 6 months of age:
🌟Your baby is looking at your face and watching intently
🌟Your baby is listening to you when you speak to them
🌟Your baby has started to make their own vocalisations - cooing and babbling. This can be for a variety of reasons including protesting, pleasure or frustration. They may try to imitate you.
🌟Your baby will smile at you or in response to something that brings them joy


💃Celebrate these skills! Don't miss this wonderful communication stage by wishing they were communicating more or talking.

👀Be face to face and at eye level as often as possible. They learn so much from your face and you’re more likely to talk with them and interact when you can see theirs.

👄 Talk and make noises with them. It’s ok for you to imitate their baby noises too! That shows them they’re doing it right. Respond like their noises mean something and say something.

👆Take turns. All conversations are turn taking interactions - the turn taking practice starts here! Watch this reel to see how I talk then leave space for Etta (2 months old) to respond to me, like we’re having a conversation.

🫵 Remember that YOU are the best person to teach your child to talk. TV shows, apps, talking toys and flash cards are NOT IT and are totally un-needed when it comes to language development.

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You’ve got this.

Watch the full reel here

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