Language Development Tip: Reading on Repeat

Language Development Tip: Reading on Repeat

You don’t always need new books. Sure - it’s nice to have new stories to read but I already know that your little one likes their favourite books on repeat. Think of it like skateboarding - the more you skateboard the better you get. The more you repeat a book, the more of the language children take in and learn to use.

If you’re rolling your eyes every time your little one says “again”, it’s time to mix it up a bit! You know the story captures them, so they’re likely to stick around while you teach them some other things. E.g.
📖 point out and label some of the things in the pictures that the story doesn't mention. "The sun is shining!"
📖 choose a longer word and tap out the syllables in it. E.g. "Elephant- that's 3 syllables! E-le-phant!"
📖 choose a letter and point it out when you see it on any page. "There's another S! Ssssstick! S makes a /s/ sound".
📖 point out the rhyming words. "Me and tree, those words sound the same! They rhyme!"
📖 model how to predict what will happen next. "I wonder what he's going to peck next?.... Oh he pecked the door!"
📖 explain the situation more than the text does. "He's pecked a hole in the sink! Now the water will drip on the floor!"
📖 look at the faces of the characters and talk about how you think they're feeling. "Rabbit's mouth is frowning, she looks angry".
📖 pause and give your little one more opportunities to say the sentence for you or finish your sentence.

So don't worry if your child is obsessed with one book - there's more you can than just reading the words. It can be tiring for us but just remember that every time you repeat the story you're supporting your child's language development.

What story does your little one want again and again?! Let me know in the comments.

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