How to Support Communication Development with your Newborn

How to Support Communication Development with your Newborn

I know there’s some mums out there who don’t feel confident with what they’re doing with their little one to engage them and further them when they’re tiny.

But all you need to do is get on the floor and lie with them. Lie your little one on their back and come and get face to face. Lots of eye contact, do some singing if you can, nursery rhymes etc.

If you don’t know heaps of nursery rhymes, there’s a really good youtube video called seventy golden nursery rhymes and I’m talking about listening to it for yourself, not putting it on for your baby. They don’t need the screen time but just saying nursery rhymes and talking. We are literally just talking about how soft the carpet is and the fact that she’s lying on some lemons, and she’s got her little trousers on.

And you can talk absolute rubbish because what’s important is that they’re hearing your voice and that they’re seeing your face and that you’re making that bond between you.

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