Fun ways to teach body parts

Fun ways to teach body parts
My heart hurt as I wrote 'hokey tokey' for my fellow kiwis. It's 'hokey cokey' in the UK (where I'm from) and I've learned it's 'hokey pokey' in the USA. Regardless of how you sing the chorus - there are some super fun ways to expose your little one to the names for body parts.

Obviously we want our kids to learn all the words for everything, but why focus on body parts?
🤕 For when they're hurt. It's a total game changer when your little one can tell you which part of their body is hurting. Whether they have the words to say it verbally or the understanding to point - knowing the name of all their parts is key.
✊ For independence. With an understanding of their bodies, you can give your little one more specific directions so that they can do things by themselves. E.g. "Put your arms in first".
😍 To develop their self awareness. Self awareness is the ability to tune in to feelings, thoughts and actions - super important for children as they learn to understand appropriate behaviour. When kids are self aware, it's easier for them to build self esteem.

The post has some ideas, but think about it: we have to help these little ones with everything and we touch their bodies multiple times a day, whether it be to put socks back on, wipe noses, give a quick back tickle or brush their hair. Try and let them know before you do any touching (it's great to ask permission - that teaches consent) then talk them through it. E.g. "Can I help you get ready to go out? Socks on - left foot, right foot. Bye bye toes!"

Are you labelling body parts often? Tell me how you do it!

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