Flash Card: True or false?

Flash Card: True or false?
I will NOT be using flashcards. Not only are they super unnatural (are YOU ever shown cards and forced to shout out what you see on them?!) but they’re just not fun. Nobody needs a daily pop-quiz. Most importantly, they don’t do much for language development.

Those videos of babies rattling through naming cards looking all advanced? Knowing how to name a picture does NOT mean a child knows how that word fits into a sentence, where you’d find it, what it does, why it exists, when you’d use it and what else you might see in the same area. 🍂Take a picture of a leaf for example. That's probably an easy word to learn from a flashcard. But will the child know that it grows on a tree? That they can be different colours? That some change colours? That they can also be found on the ground? That people use them in art? That they can be alive or dead? That you'd probably see more of them in Autumn? That you say 'leaves' when you're referring to more than one? NO. You only learn that through conversation.

Children learn new vocabulary best when they see it IN CONTEXT, I.e. In the real world in its natural setting. That can be in person or in a book or a video. They also learn best through natural conversation, modelling and lots of repetition.

SO - DITCH the boring flash cards and play, explore and have good conversations instead!

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