Close Enough to Kiss and to Talk to

Close Enough to Kiss and to Talk to


I've seen so many babies being worn super low lately. Learning to wear your baby can be a learning curve - there are so many types of wrap and carrier and some can be tricky just to get the baby into, never mind in a perfect position. Remember - there is help out there if you're concerned that you're not getting it quite right. If your little one is squirming and unhappy - you might not be babywearing in the right position.

I absolutely love bearing wearing as a tool for language development. When worn correctly - baby is up high and close to your face. They can see what you're seeing, so if you chat away to you as you're getting stuff done, they'll be listening and taking all that in. It might feel strange at first but try just talking to yourself as you wear your baby. "Right, I'll do these few dishes then I'll sit down for a cuppa. Let's fill the sink". Even if your child isn't understanding full sentences, just hearing the tone of your voice in a running commentary will be supporting their understanding of sentence structure.

Did you know that wearing your baby can also support postpartum depression and anxiety? Give it a google. Having your child close whilst also giving you freedom to walk around and do stuff for yourself can alleviate postpartum blues. Another good reason to baby wear. When you're feeling good, you're more likely to talk to your baby.

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