5 Reasons why you are the Best Person to Teach your Child to Talk

5 Reasons why you are the Best Person to Teach your Child to Talk

Why it’s so important that caregivers are empowered to be part of speech and language therapy.

  1. They trust you more than anyone
    We’re all more likely to listen to and learn from people we know and trust. Your child is more likely to be vulnerable, open up and try new things with you rather than a visitor.

  2. You’re with them most often
    If you take away naps, your little one is probably awake around 10 hours per day. That’s 70 hours per week that they’re listening to caregivers speak Seeing a speech therapist for an hour a week, fortnight or less can not have as much impact.

  3. You speak your language
    If you’re raising your child to be bilingual, they’re very lucky. The best speech and languages and a visiting therapist is unlikely to speak our language. If you learn the strategies, you can apply them to any language you speak.

  4. You’re in your house
    Children are more likely to learn when they’re in their own, familiar environment and routine. There’s no such things as toys that teach kids to speak – any toys or resources can be used. The best learning can happen during normal, everyday activities.

  5. The earlier parents are involved in intervention programs, the better the outcomes - Rossetti, 2001
    Yep – there’s research that backs this up! Whether your child needs extra help to learn how to communicate or they’re just starting out – you being involved and empowered to help is the most important thing.

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