4 Tips to Enhance your Baby's Speech and Language Development

4 Tips to Enhance your Baby's Speech and Language Development

Your little one is learning how to communicate from the second they're brought into this world.

Communication isn't just talking, it's noises and facial expressions and gestures and tones.

When your baby cries (communicates) and and adult comes and meets their needs, they learn that their communication is effective.

We can strengthen our child's understanding of their power to communicate by engaging them in play routines like the one in this video.

Etta (13 weeks old) is very clearly communicating with her eye contact, smiling and laughing that she's enjoying the interaction, so her Nana sings the song again and again. She leaves a pause between each rendition so that Etta can communicate that she wants the song again. She holds her hands to help her to participate. She's face to face and nearly at eye level.

Singing routines like this can really spark our child's interest in us and pave the way for building their attention, capacity for play and ultimately their social communication and language development. The more the better!!

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You've got this!

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